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In the world of processed (Frozen/ Aseptic/ Canned) fruits and vegetables exports Pellagic is one of the largest exporter of processed fruit purees / pulps, concentrates and vegetables from India & across the world Our products are very well accepted in the global markets as high quality ingredients to the multi fruit based industries such as the beverages, dairy, confectionary, yoghurt, baby food etc.

  • Juice Concentrates.
  • Fruit Purees & Puree Concentrates.
  • Super Fruits.
  • Vegetable Puree/Extracts.
  • Float Drink.
  • Malted Beverages.
  • Herbal & Plant Extracts.
  • Instant Beverage Solutions.
  • Beverage Compounds & Juice Blends.
  • Natural Flavors & Fruit Aromas.
  • Beverage Emulsions.
  • Gums & Stabilizers.
  • Natural Colours and Blends.
  • Natural Sweetener.