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Dairy & Ice cream

We Supply fresh dairy & Ice cream ingredients solutions for the food industry and our products are sourced from high quality, large and medium sized manufacturers. All the manufacturers that we use have high quality facilities and up-to-date quality management systems and standards, and most with the corresponding external accreditation. We are committed to providing customers with the best solutions they require. We work closely with you both commercially and technically to provide the right dairy & ice cream solutions for you.

  • Dairy Ingredients
  • Fruit Preperations / Jams
  • Ripples and Sauces
  • Cookies and Crunches
  • Carmel and Toffees
  • Decorated Items
  • Fabricated Fruit Pieces
  • Cereal Based products
  • Whole and Processed Nuts
  • Chocolate Based Products
  • Liquid Flavors
  • Soft Candy
  • Hard Candy
  • Frozen Fruits / Purees and Juice Concentrates
  • Fruit Dices and peels
  • Malt and Cocoa Products
  • Stabilizer and Emulsifier
  • Natural Colors and Extracts
  • Natural Flavors and Emulsions
  • Milk and Whey Derivatives